Golf -Australia has great golf courses that golf resorts that offer luxurious opportunities to get your hands on the golf stick. So get ready to be sporty.
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Golf in Australia
The mild Australian climate allows golf to be played throughout the year and there are plenty of opportunities to tee-off on a highly rated golf course for those planning a golf trip to Australia. Indeed few countries in the world are better served with golfing opportunities than Australia. The game's popularity has been stimulated by the regular and often spectacular successes of Australian players, such as Greg Norman, Steve Elkington and Robert Allenby to mention just a few.

Today there are over 1500 courses ranging from the manicured elegance of Huntingdale in Victoria to the arid, nine hole layouts in the outback with greens of oiled sand.

The courses have contours and intricacies related to the Australian terrain and in some places you can encounter grazing kangaroos; you may be distracted by the singing of colourful birds or have to circumnavigate a wombat's hole. It is easy and relatively cheap to both play golf in Australia and attend major tournaments as a spectator. There are private, resort and public/municipal golf courses scattered across the country, each with club facilities.

Many resorts around Australia offer luxury accommodation and facilities that include the opportunity to play on international standard golf courses that rival the world's best. Resorts are built in outstanding natural locations that range from hillside courses overlooking golden beaches to fairways winding beside rivers and through beautiful bushland.

A hundred years ago, millions of these marsupials (animals that carry their young in a pouch) existed in Australia, and it was a popular sport to shoot them out of the trees. They were easy targets, as the presence of people doesn’t seem to disturb them and they are placid and friendly by nature.

In the early part of this century, millions of these animals were slaughtered for their soft, durable, silver-grey fur, and were approaching the point of extinction when the Australian government passed protective legislation which may enable the koala to make a comeback. Koalas feed exclusively on the leaves of eucalyptus trees and become so saturated with the essential oils of this plant that they smell just like cough drops.

Female koalas give birth to a single offspring every two years. A mature male koala usually has a small harem of females which he guards jealously.

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