Kangaroo Island - Visit Australia's great scenic treasures, Kangaroo Island to visit the enrapturing Flinders ranges, Kelly hill caves, Portee Station, Bay Parndana Wildlife park and the other remarkable wildlife destinations.
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Kangaroo Island

A kangaroo in Kangaroo Island
Australia has a most amazing and unique array of animals and birds, most of which are found nowhere else in the World. Some, such as the Koala and our Australian kangaroos, are internationally known icons.

Different kinds of kangaroo inhabit different kinds of habitat. Some are found in open, dry country, others in rocky hills or forested areas. Tree-kangaroos have, as their name suggests, adapted to living in trees. Many kangaroo species live in large groups, also called 'mobs', others live in small family groups or alone.

Nature of Kangaroos :
Kangaroos are herbivorous, generally feeding on grasses and leaves. They have a complex chambered stomach to help digest this food, and like cows and sheep they regurgitate the swallowed food to chew it a second time. Kangaroos need very little water, and as long as their food contains some water.

The variety and diversity of Australia's wildlife is a natural reflection of a tremendous range of habitats and climate. The animals that live here have evolved in complete isolation, free from the influence of other landmasses for close to 45 million years. As a result, the animals of Australia are among the most distinctive in the world

Kangaroo and its relatives :
The most instantly recognisable of Australia's native species is undoubtedly the kangaroo and its smaller relative, the wallaby - a group collectively known as macropods. These creatures belong to a family of mammals called marsupials. What makes them unique is that the female can effectively maintain three offspring at various stages of development at any one time if food is plentiful.

There are currently 40 living members of the macropod family, thirty eight in Australia and two in Papua New Guinea. The name is derived from two Greek words meaning 'big footed'. This highly successful marsupial mammal has evolved into multiple species, varying in size and shape depending upon their habitat. This ranges from arid outback desert and bushland, to grasslands, wet forests, rocky escarpments and even treetops.

Kangaroo Island :
Kangaroo Island is South Australia's largest Island and is located off the south eastern tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide. It is renowned for its rugged and beautiful scenery and the beaches and fishing which it provides. Kangaros are found at this place and a popular attraction.

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