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Austria Cuisine

Austria Cuisine Austrian cuisine is a hearty melange of Hungarian, Czech, Italian and Bavarian cuisines, presenting a glimpse of international taste and ethnicity. Austrian cuisine is known as the most transcultural cuisine all over the world. Food in Austria has its own specialties and way of presentation. Visitors from all over the world are fond of the cuisine of Austria.
Desserts and pastries from Austria are popular all over the world. Coffee is a popular drink. Soft drinks, including cola, are produced locally. Traditional alcoholic drinks are beer, wine, cherry liqueur and schnapps. Austrian food is full of variety and rich in taste and aroma.
A typical Austrian meal usually includes 2 to 7 courses, according to the importance of the occasion. It is made up of Vorspeise(Appetizer), Suppe (soup), Hauptspeise( main course) and one or two Beilagen (side dishes). A cake made of flour or some desserts may also be there. Austrian wines also assist the meals with their sparkling taste.

Vienna Cuisine
Vienna’s food is recognized globally for its flavor and unique way of presentation. Famous Viennese cuisine with mouthwatering taste are
Burgenland Cuisine
Burgenland cuisines are prepared with abundant locally grown fruits and free roaming chicken and geese. Special dishes are
Upper Austria Cuisine
Food of Upper Austria and Salzburg states are artistic collections prepared with enthuse and great care. Mozart’s home town’s specials are
Carinthia Cuisine
Fish is a popular main course in Carinthia. Carinthian cuisines are chiefly inspired with meat and local spices. Some local delicacies are
Tyrol Cuisine
Cuisines of Tyrol are primarily influenced by Tyrolean bacons. Prime local delicacies are More Exciting Tastes
Some more exciting tastes from Austria cuisines are :

Apfelstrudel : Rolled pastry filled with apple, breadcrumbs and raisins.
Girardi-Rostbraten : Roast beef with bacon.
Gugelhupf : A special Viennese cake.
Knodel : Light fluffy dumplings which contain seven basic ingredients: flour, potatoes, semolina, bread rolls, ricotta, cheese and yeast.
Tafelspitz : Prime beef from the rump boiled and garnished with horseradish and apple sauce, chive sauce, served with home-fried or roast potatoes.
Zweibelrostbraten : Braised beefsteak with onions.

Other Famous Cuisines