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Austria Culture

Austria CultureAustria, land of rich culture, has travelled a long way, from Austro- Hungarian empire to modern times. Austrian culture and society has been greatly influenced by wealth of music, art and literature. Austrian culture is a medley of intriguing customs, unrivaled tradition of classical music, grand literature and plethora of festive events.
Music is the soul of Austrian culture. Vienna is known as the European capital of classical music and has long been an important center of musical innovation. Austrian music has a long and rich cultural journey. Western classical music originated from Austria. Earlier emperors and rulers provided patronage to several composers and musicians. Habsburgs were more generous towards music and musicians as they were gifted musicians themselves.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss II, among others, were some of the famous composers from Austria. During the Baroque period, Slavic and Hungarian folk forms influenced Austrian music. Various music forms popular in Austria are classical music, Landler, Yode, Alpine New Wave, Schrammelmusik etc.

Folk Dance
Inextricably linked to traditional way of Austrian lifestyle, folk dances have always invoked interest in tourists. Most famous folk dance in Austria is Waltz. Waltz first became fashionable in Vienna around 1780. Other folk dances from Austria are Schuhplattler, Ladler, Polka. , Kontratänze, Sprachinseltänze and Zwiefacher. Alpine dances are also popular in Austria. Folk dances have been medium of joy for the Austrian. They have been the source of enjoyment for them. Folk dance festivals are celebrated time to time to continue the tradition of folk dances in the country.

Concert Halls
Concerts are the part of Austrian music traditions. Famous concert halls of Austria are Vienna Boy's Choir, Vienna State Opera, Conservatory Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Vienna Boy's Choir is the oldest among these. It was founded by Emperor Maximilian I for court entertainment in 1498. Conservatory Vienna is unique combination of tradition and innovation. Considered to be one of the world's best, it is based on deep-rooted Austrian traditions, and yet, it doesn't hesitate to innovate.

Literature is inseparably linked to Austrian culture. Austria is motherland of many of the great authors of the world. It has always been recognised as the country of great poets, writers, and novelists on the global scenario. Some of the great authors from Austria are Robert Musil, Johann Nestroy, Felix Salten, Joseph Roth, Felix Salten, Peter Handke etc. Most of the Austrian literature is in German and tells the story of Austria from the Austro- Hungarian Empire to a member nation of European Monetary Union.

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