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Austria Flora and Fauna

Austria Flora and Fauna Austria's topographic diversity accounts for a great variety of flora and fauna, including endemic species that are under preservation. Lush vegetation is found in every part of Austria. Animals in Austria reside in the forests, which cover 44% of the country's landscape. All Central European animals, including the Alpine animals, are found in Austria. The country also has several natural parks.

Austrian Flora
Due to its rich topographical diversity Austria has a large array of plants. Austria is mainly a forested area, and 44% of its land is covered by forests. Oak and beech at low altitudes, and at higher elevations conifers flourish here. Orchids, edelweiss and poppies are quite common here. Typical for the country are the deciduous forests (oak, beech) and the mixed forests (beech, fir) plus woos of fir, larch and pine in the higher altitudes.
Flowers like edelweiss, gentians, alpine carnations, arnicas, alpine roses, heathers, ornaments Austrian land with different colors. Grazing grounds and meadows occupies the norther alps. Scrub forests, deciduous forests and steppe moors are predominant in Austria.

Austrian Fauna
Central European animals such as deer, stags, rabbits, pheasants, foxes, badgers, martens and partridges can easily be seen in Austria. Alpine animals like Chamois, groundhogs, eagles and mountain jackdaws are dominant in Austrian regions. Heavily wooded southern and central mountainous regions are famous for variety of small bears. Lipizzaner (pure white horse ), Ibex( a mountain goat with huge curved horns) and marmots ( cute little furry features) and chamois (horned goat like an antelope) are some valuable assets of the Austrian fauna. Red-deer stag, fallow-deer stag, mouflon ram, roe-deer buck and wild-boar are found in Austrian region.

Austrian Natural Parks
Austria is land of natural parks. About 3 percent of the country's land is occupied by the parks. Aurach bei Kitzbühel, Game Park Aurach with an extent of about 50 hectares has deers, wild boars, wood chucks, foxes and yaks. Children can have lot of fun in Bad Gleichenberg, Styrassic Park. The park depicts the history of the dinosaurs. There are adventure games for children. Several kinds of deers and woodchucks can be watched in Feldkirch, Game Park Ardetzenberg. Gänserndorf, Zoo of wild animals is located next to Vienna. Wild animals can be watched here living in their natural surroundings. You can watch giraffes, rhinos and tigers here.

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