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Austria Heritage

Austria HeritageAustria has rich cultural heritage, which has contributed a lot in the fields of architecture, art and history. The region was inhabited right in the beginning of human history and in course of time, it developed in all aspects of life. Fine arts like architecture, music and dance witnessed tremendous development with the passage of history. Heritage in Austria has always attracted the lovers of history, art and architecture.
Austria has an array of medieval structures, known for their architecture. Most of these structures can be found in Vienna and Graz. Austrian architecture represents several periods and styles, ranging from elaborate baroque architecture to twentieth century innovations. Major Vienna architecture destinations are Majlika Haus, Schonbrunn Palace, the Hofburg and the Ringstrasse. Graz hosts attractions like Lock Mountain. Fortress of Kufstein is a major landmark in Tyrol city.

Austria has long been known for its classical music and folk dances. Capital Vienna was an important centre of musical innovation during the 18th century. It had started developing as a cultural centre at the beginning of the 16th century. Austria is the land of several intriguing folk dances. Folk dance events in Vienna are carefully organised events.

The man had settled in the present Austrian region in paleolithic times (50000BC to 8000BC). Bronze Age began in Austria in about 2500BC. Cities were established in the 7th and 6th centuries BC on the coast. Period from 450BC to 58BC is known as La Tene Celts. Classical times start from around 101BC. During this time, much of the kingdom was incorporated into Roman empire. Period of 470 to 976AD is known as the age of Bavarians. Modern Austria took shape around 12th century.

Times during 1273 to 1440 were for the early Habsburgs. 1440 to 1618 belongs to the Habsburg empire. Period to 1618 to 1648 is known for the Thirty Years’ War. Baroque emperors ruled from 1637 to 1740. Times of Napolean started around the end of 18th century. 1810 to 1848 is known as Metternich & Biedermeier era. The revolution came in 1848. The country actively participated in the World War I.

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