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Catch the glimpse of Italian architecture

Klagenfert, AustriaKlagenfurt lies in the south of the Province of Carinthia, close to its borders with Slovenia and Italy. Come to Klagenfurt and wander around the city's historic center. Klagenfurt City is adorned with Italian architecture, with over 50 romantic courtyards flourishing. Picturesque landscape of rolling hills with numerous buildings of historical significance can be found here. Klagenfurt is also well worth a visit because of its many parks and the lake Wörthersee, shopping arcades as well as Gothic style architecture. Klagenfurt has a lot to offer to its visitors.
Facts and Figures
State Carinthia
Location 46°37'N 14°18'E
Area 120.11km²
Altitude 446 m above sea level
Population 92,404 (2006)
Density 750/km²
Area Calling Code +43-0662

Tourist Places in Klagenfurt
Klagenfurt is a city with majestic sights and beauty. Enjoy your tour to the fullest while discovering over 800-year-old history of Klagenfurt during your visit. Renaissance buildings and house fronts, which have been renovated in keeping with this architectural style narrate the story of glorious past of the city.
Klagenfurt is only a couple of hours away from top Austrian tourist destinations like Vienna and Salzburg.

» Landhaus
Built as an arsenal and later Carinthian state headquarters, this structure now houses the offices of the provincial government. Building was begun in 1574 and completed in 1590. A set of staircase towers with bulbous caps and a two story arcade is the special attraction of the building.

» Land Museum
Roman artefacts, art samples from prehistoric time to modern art are displayed here. Museum displays art and artefacts from prehistoric times to the present. The most outstanding feature is a display of ecclesiastical art. See the skull of a rhinoceros, said to have been a model for the renowned Dragon Fountain in Neuer Platz.

» Lindwurm
Lindwurm is the town's landmark. Behind the origin of the monument there is an interesting story. A ferocious dragon haunted the region. The duke promised land to those who would catch and kill the dragon. Later a group of menials killed the dragon by a trick. They got the promised land, where modern Klagenfurt is located. The head of Lindwurm was shaped after the head of a glacial rhinoceros found in the same century in this region.

» Minimundus
The miniature world on Lake Wörthersee, another great sight of the city, offers a huge collection of small scale models of famous buildings from many countries in the world. Some of them are Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, St. Peter's cathedral etc.

» Lake Wörthersee
Located in the west of the Kalgenfurt this alpine lake is worth seeing tourist spot in Klagenfurt. The lake attracts visitors mostly during the short summer season. The lake is of elongated shape, about 20 km long and 1-2 km wide, stretching from Klagenfurt towards the east in Velden. Greenish blue water of the lake is unique in it self.

» Robert Musil Museum
House of birth of writer Rober Musil, it is now converted as a museum. The museum is worth a visit for the literature lovers. Robert Musil was a world rank classical author(1880-1942). The house was established in 1867. It was developed in the years 1996 and 1997 as a modern center for literature.

» Klagenfurt Cathedral
This is a spectacular building decorated in baroque style. Highly visible landmark of the city is Central Parish church. The cathedral of Klagenfurt is the church of the Roman-Catholic bishop of the diocese of Gurk.

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