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Second strongest economic region

Linz, AustriaLinz is the largest city of Austria and the second strongest economic region. Originally founded by the Romans and called as Lentia, the city is now an important tourist hub of Austria. Lying along the bank of river Danube Linz offers several destinations to the tourists for enjoying their vacations. Linz presents a medley of cultures of different centuries - old European architecture combined with a modern-day lifestyle. Linz can be best described as city of full-blown excitement and joy to explore. Travel to Linz for making your vacations unforgettable.

Fact and Figures
State Upper Austria
Location 48°18N 14°17E
Area 96.048 km²
Altitude 266 m above sea level
Population 188,968 (01.01.2006)
Density 1,957.4 /km²
Area Calling Code +43-0732

Tourist Places in Linz
Linz has number of tourist places which demand to be explored:

» New Cathedral (Neuer Dom)
Built in Neo gothic style the church is the largest church of Austria. It is able to accommodate 20000 worshippers at a time. Paintings on the stained glass windows in the church are arresting. It presents a marvellous example of baroque architecture in Linz.

» Old Cathedral (Alter Dom)
Generaly known as Age Cathedral this church was built in 1669. It is based on the drawings of Pietro Francesco Carlone. The Church is embellished with chapels and galleries. It is built with amazing architecture, closed choir and stucco work by J.P. Spaz and G.B. Mazza. Outstanding pink marble columns, a  beautifully carved pulpit, a great deal of statues and a beautifully decorated altar with marble images make the church's interior completely unique.

» St. Martin's Church
It owes the honor of being an ancient church of Austria still alive in its original form. First documented in 799 the church was restored in 1498. Ornamented with frescoes and 15th century gothic choir St martin's church presents the finest example of Carolingian architecture in Linz. Entry to the church is permitted only with a tourist guide.

» Postlingberg (Pöstlingbergkirch)
Build basically as a pilgrimage church Postlingberg has been registered in the Guiness Book of World Records as the steepest adhesion course of Europe - from the valley station drives in the quarter Urfahr on the Linzer Postlingberg since 1898. With blooming flowers in summer and enormous variety of tropical plants, the botanical garden here is able to stop the visitors and ovewhelm them with the natural beauty. Dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary and perched high above the roofs of the city, is the landmark of the Upper Austrian

» Ars Electronica Center
Opened in 1996, the building is also known as the "Museum of the Future" and is one of the most important sights in Linz. Media art, new technologies and social developments characterize the Center’s innovative exhibitions. The most modern techniques from the technology sector are presented in the museum so that a normal person can get familiar with that. The museum has six floors filled with creative work from hi-tech laboratories all over the world. Main objective is to provide an interface to the general public to the modern techniques.

» Trinity Column (Dreifaltigkeitssäule )
Twenty meters high Trinity Column stands in most beautiful closed square of Upper Austria known as Main Square. The column is famous for its three inscriptions. Designed by Antono Beduzzi colomn is carved with white marble. The three inscriptions announce the dedication of column to Holy Trinity by guilds, the Emperor and the people of Linz as a requital for exoneration from the dangers of war, fire and plague.

» Landhaus
The building has its own resplendent history, being city's university and teaching ground of famous astronomer and mathematician , Johann Kepler. It also owes honor of being home of the church of minority. Landhaus bears not only a glorious past but in present also building is venerable as headquarters for the Upper Austria's government.

» Main Square (Hauptplatz)
The site boasts of being Austria's largest main square stretching 220 by 60 meters with baroque and rococo facades around. It is home to many important historical monuments of Linz like Trinity column and old town hall (Altes Rathaus). Hauptplatz also hosts some of the occasional exhibitions as well as traditional. Christmas market and the flea market on Saturday's are one of them. Due to its wonderful location and its connectivity to the various options for the visitors coming to Linz Hauptplatz is often known as a meeting point and central point to the adventures in Linz.

» Linz's Castle
First documented in 799, rebuild completely by Rudolph II and destroyed by the fire in mid of 19th century, Linz's Castle still remains as house of the provincial museum of Austria. It hosts a permanent exhibition of art showing historical weapons and musical instruments, coins, folklore and technical history. Special exhibitions are also organized time to time for depicting the cultural heritage of Linz.

» Lentos Art Museum
Lentos Art Museum is one of the best examples of art and sculpture in Linz. It has a wide collection of approximately 1500 works from fields like painting, sculpture and object art, more than 10,000 work on paper and 850 of photographers. Lentos art museum in Linz ranks among the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Austria.

» Museum of the City of Linz (Nordico)
A wonderful combination of history and art of the city along with paragon of archaeology can be seen here. Build in the beginning of 17th century in 1973 the building was adopted as a museum.

» Abbey of St. Florian
One of the best cathedrals in Linz built on the grave of the St Forian, a christian martyr. Now the abbey is known as one of the most wonderful architectureal masterpieces of Austria. Magnificent Fountain eagle welcomes you at the entry point. Further Altdorfer Gallery, Imperial Appartments and the Abbey church are some more attractive features of the abbey.

» Botanical Garden
Botanical garden on the "Gugl" has more than 8000 plant species to explore.The garden comprises 5 greenhouses in which such a unique collection of cacti are found that makes the garden best in whole Europe.A Rosarium, which shows the history of the rose, a Alpinum and a tropical house is the special attraction of the garden.

» Linz Zoo
Linzer zoo presents an ideal spot for excitement for children as well as grown ups. A wide range of of mammals (llamas, pygmy cows, sheep, goats,...), a variety of birds (parrots, ostriches, ...) and reptiles (crocodiles, iguanas, snakes,...) flourishes here. Fresh and sea water aquariums can also be enjoyed here.

» Brucknerhaus
Constructed in the honor of Anton Bruckner who was Linz born composer.The concert hall is embellished with elliptical facade of glass and steel with wooden interior. Building serves as a cultural and conference center in but Brucknerhaus is basically known as a concert hall.

» Grotto Railway
"Dragon Express", a mini train in the shape of a the famous mythological beast, is the best feature of the grotto railway.Visitors can enjoy a ride to fairy tale scenes while passing through the beautiful landscapes. Children can enjoy famous fairy tales which are depicted in the side passages.

Shopping in Linz
Linz is also fantastic shopping hub. Many little antique shops flourishes here in the narrow streets.One can get accessories fully traditional as well as modern in Linz. Landstrasse, the street for everyone's shopping needs, is an ideal place for many shops, agencies, bakeries, restaurants and many boutiques.

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