Dubai rich cultural and traditions have strong impact on its visitors. Experience the rich Arabic culture and rich Dubai traditions quite visible in its local population. Get to know more about the religious festivals and social celebrations that mark the rich cultural heritage of Dubai traditions.
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Dubai Culture / Traditions

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a mix of all cultures, lifestyles and people. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world and therefore has to cater to its mixed bag of visitors with the best of local and international cuisines. It surely does not disappoint in this area. Arabian food is primary in the Cuisine of Dubai traditions but a major position is also occupied by Iranian, Lebanese and Moroccan foods. Some of the specialties of the Cuisine in Dubai include:

Dubai Lifestyle

The growth of Dubai has contributed largely towards the increase in its expatriate population. The transformation of Dubai into a centre of diversified socio-cultural city is a clear reflection of its cosmopolitan nature. Dubai, being an Islamic nation is one of the most liberal cities of the United Arab Emirates where the expatriate community enjoy the freedom to practice their respective religion. The foreign visitors enjoy coming to Dubai for their personal or business trips as this city enjoys a lifestyle which is a perfect blend of modern times ans age-old Dubai traditions.

Dubai Costumes & Clothing

Clothing in Dubai traditions usually revolves around wearing comfortable outfits as the city experiences hot and humid climatic conditions throughout the year. For men, western outfits like jeans, t-shirts, trousers, suits are acceptable at the workplace or during an outing. For women, normal conservative dresses are advised which are not too skin revealing, e.g. long skirts are alright but pants are a safer bet when it comes to office wear. In the summer, variety of cotton outfits are popular among the expatriates and during the winter season a sweater or a cardigan is considered suitable as the temperature in the evening falls.

Religions in Dubai

Muslims being the prime constituents of its population, Dubai traditions has adopted immense tolerance and respect for other religions as well and is well-admired for being a cosmopolitan city. The city has left no stone unturned in ensuring that it provides freedom to its huge expatriate population when it comes to practicing their respective religions. Non-Muslims are free to acquire land to build their places of worship provided they don't show any disrespect towards Islam.

Languages in Dubai

The languages in Dubai traditions showcase rich diversity with co-existence of various languages like English, Hindi, Persian, French to name a few. With Arabic as an official language, the education system of Dubai offers its curriculum in foreign languages as well for the benefit of its huge expatriate population.

Dubai Fairs and Festivals

The cultural kaleidoscope of Dubai traditions showcases a series of gala fairs and festive occasions which are full of fun and excitement. From the traditional festivals like Ramadan and National Day to the modern day events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, the vibrant colors of Dubai Culture and its cosmopolitan lifestyle are very well captured. Social functions like wedding and major religious events like Eid are celebrated on a grand scale with lots of fanfare, dancing, singing, dining are all part of such festivities.

Cuisines of Dubai

The cuisines of Dubai are an extension of its cosmopolitan nature and lifestyle. Arabic food is the most popular out of the local foods available in Dubai, dishes like Shawarma and Falafel are widely sold in the city right from the street food shops to the five star restaurants of Dubai. Cuisines from India, Pakistan, Iran, China and fast food outlets of America are quite popular and found across the city. However, alcohol is available in bars and restaurants of Dubai only. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are regulated and require a permit from the local government authorities.

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