Dubai Demographics is a vast structure showcasing an interesting blend of people from all religions as the city's population comprises more of the expatriate population. Different languages are spoken in the Dubai city and having a tolerance towards all religions. Get to know about Dubai Demography with details.
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Dubai Demography

Demographics of Dubai are concerned about the population, language, religion and cultural heritage of Dubai Emirates, the second largest city of UAE. According to the latest survey organized by the Statistical Center of Dubai on their total number of present population, it is found that Dubai constitutes total female population around 349,000 and total male population about 1,073,000 that sums up with an overall 1,422,000 Dubai residents.

From the census held in recent past on the diverse cultural communities of UAE's Dubai it is seen that among the total population of Dubai around 17 % belongs to UAE nationals, approximately 71% of total Dubai populations belongs to various nationalities which include Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Filipino and other Asian communities and near about 3% emigrates of Dubai is originated from western countries.


The Demographics of Dubai also displays the variations in the languages spoken all over the city of Dubai. Arabic is the official language of Dubai in spite of that, very much to the nature of a cosmopolitan city, there are number of languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam and Persian are widely spoken.


Primarily based on the Sunni Muslim culture, Islam is the official state religion of Dubai. The Government provides ample facilities and funds to the Sunni mosques, employs Sunni Imams and in the other aspects of the culture-social sphere, the government also felicitate the muslims. Being a prime commercial centre of the Middle-east, the city of Dubai houses expatriates communities of different religions like Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists among the others, which are allowed to practice their religions, beliefs and customs and can build or own their houses of worship.
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