Dubai rich historical aspect is not less impactful. The city has age-old history dating back to 4000 years. The trading settlement depicts the early history of Dubai that is still showcased in Old Dubai region. Well preserved history of this rich historical city is a source of learning and knowing more about the ancient history of Dubai and its rich past.
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History of Dubai

This Arabian gulf emirate called Dubai city treasures a rich combination of Arab-Islamic culture and modern charming-adventurous features that offer something to everyone be it a tourist in search of comfort and luxury or a business traveler to get highest standards of economic growth and prosperity. Since Dubai is so close to India, it became a pivotal hub for trade, with many choosing to relocate there. This section of History of Dubai introduces you with the history of Dubai city, a city that has turned itself from a center of the fishing, pearling and sea trade to the most fast growing, futuristic, cosmopolitan city of the 21st century.

Ancient Dubai

As per the historical records and archaeological surveys the early history of Dubai date back to some 4000 years old. In its yester years, Dubai, which we know today, was inhabited by small fishing communities and the then Dubai creek was on the major sea route for the trading of pearls, spices and silk. In 1830s, a branch of Bani Yas tribe settled in this small fishing town ruled by Maktoum family who are still in reign in the emirate of Dubai.

Medieval Dubai

The history of Dubai tells about its rapid transformation from a small trading settlement of early period to the present most attractive and rapidly growing commercial hub of the world of 21st century. The key positioning of Dubai, right at the heart of Middle East, later made it a centre of major business activities of United Arab Emirate (UAE) with rest of the world.

Modern Dubai

The well built infrastructure facilities of transportation, tele-communication, booming real estate market, liberal government policies and the well built air-line network for its connectivity to the rest of the world transformed this emirate into a strategic position on the world commercial map. Presently more than 135 airlines operate through the Dubai International Airport that link the emirate direct to the main cities worldwide. The long coastal line of sandy beaches, variety of sporty & leisure activities, an array of hotels right from the luxurious to the budgetary and above all the great choices among the amazing shopping malls turns Dubai into a magnet for the holiday makers worldwide. All these ingredients combine together and make Dubai city world's one of the most fastest developing tour and travel destination.

Rulers of Dubai

Here is the complete list of Dubai Rulers who ruled the city since 1833 :- Name Ruling Period
1 Sheikh 'Ubayd ibn Said 09.06.1833
2 Sheikh Maktoum I ibn Bati ibn Suhayl (died in 1852) 09.06.1833-1852
3 Sheikh Said I ibn Bati (died in 1859) 1852-1859
4 Sheikh Hushur ibn Maktoum (died in 1886) 1859-1886
5 Sheikh Rashid I ibn Maktoum (died in 1894) 1886-1894
6 Sheikh Maktoum II ibn Hushur (died in 1906) 1894-1906
7 Sheikh Bati ibn Suhayl (born in 1851, died in 1912) 1906-1912
8 Sheikh Saeed II bin Maktum (born in 1878, died in 1958) 1912-1929
9 Sheikh Mani ibn Rashid 15.04.1929-18.04.1929
10 Sheikh Saeed II bin Maktum 1929-1958
11 Sheikh Rashid II ibn Said Al Maktoum (born in 1912, died in 1990) 1958-1990
12 Sheikh Maktoum III bin Rashid Al Maktoum (born in 1943, died in 2006) 1990-2006
13 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (born in 1949) 2006-till date

Chronicles of Dubai

Presenting here a brief of all major events in the date line of Dubai History. This Dubai Chronicles has been arranged in an easy to understand table given below:

1400-1500: As per historical records, Dubai was right at the middle of international trading routes of silk, pearl, spices and gold.
1799: Bani Yas clan (a tribe in the United Arab Emirates) established itself in Dubai.
1820: As per a treaty called treaty of peace between Britain and Dubai, the sheikh of Dubai became a signatory.
1833: Al Maktoum dynasty shifted themselves from the settlement of UAE and took over the town of Dubai.
1892: Trucial states (area under local rulers established to fight against piracy along with Gulf Coast) signed a deal with Britain that gave Britain a control on foreign matters of each Emirate.
1930: Till this period Dubai developed to become a most crucial port for the key trading activities of the city.
1950: Establishment of new amenities of Electricity and Telephone by Britain.
1959: Dubai gets its own Airport for international flights and the idea was the brain child of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
1966: Dubai merged with a new state of Qatar for formation of new monetary unit Qatar and Dubai riyal. Discovery of Oil in Dubai that transformed the face of Dubai development process.
1971: United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formed after independence from Britain. UAE comprise of seven emirates namely: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujayrah, Ras-al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qaywayn.
1973: The uniform currency of UAE dirham was adopted by Dubai as an emirate.
1979: Jebel Ali Port which is world's largest man made port) formed.
1980-1990: The determination to get away from the reliance on Oil wells, Dubai adopted the free trade policy and opened its doors to foreign trading investments. This lead to the formation of free trade zones including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Maritime City.
1990: Outbreak of Persian Gulf war that had adverse effects on Dubai economy.
1994: Construction of Burj Al Arab, which is the world's tallest hotel, started and ended in year 1999.
2000: Creation of Dubai Internet City as an Information Technology (IT) Park by the Government of Dubai.
2004: The booming real estate sector Dubai witnessed rising of sky kissing constructions like Burj Dubai which is the world's tallest man-made structure. The construction of Burj Dubai started on 21 September 2004 and the projected date of completion is September 2009.
2007: Dubai and Qatar jointly become the two biggest shareholders of the London Stock Exchange.
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