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Dubai shopping guide informs about the best shops and markets in this 'City of Gold'. There are plenty of reasons to take up shopping tour of Dubai. A shoppers paradise, Dubai have lots of shopping options and attractions in the form of shopping malls, souks, and famous shopping festivals in Dubai.
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Dubai Shopping Guide

Shopping in Dubai is one unforgettable and unmatched experience that keeps attracting scores of visitors to this magnificent city. This city has so much to offer in terms of the shopping experience. To relish the traditional Arab markets one can visit the very popular souks of the city like 'Gold Souk' and 'Spice Souk'. Dubai is different from a lot of cities around the world when it comes to shopping. Here, you would find everything from the global designer brands, best of ornamental shopping experience, finest spices in the world to choose from and the best of discounts and promotional offers. Some of the prominent shopping activities in Dubai revolve around:

Shopping- At Souks

Souk is an Arabic word for a 'market place'. They are a strike contrast to the modern malls and unravel some of the best kept secrets of Dubai. These traditional and age old market places provide a very good shopping experience to its visitors. Some of the main shopping areas in Dubai include-

Khan Murjan- It is an area in AL Garhood which has more than 150 shops in its vicinity. It is especially famous for the variety of handicrafts that it trades.
Souk Al Bahar- This marketplace is located in Burj, Dubai and has a modern day appeal to it. It has a variety of shopping outlets and restaurants.

Meena Bazaar- Located in Satwa, this is a traditional Indian marketplace in the heart of Dubai. This is a place which caters to the large number of expatriate population of India.
Karama Market- In the AL Fahidi street, lies the Karama Market which is often called a replica market with variety of cheap imitations of branded products available at ease.
Al Dhagaya- Al Dhagaya is a very populous residential locality in Dubai. The ever-popular 'Dubai Gold Souk' and 'Dubai Spice Souk' are located at the heart of Al Dhagaya.
Gold Souk- Gold is a serious business in Dubai and the 'Gold Souk' in Deira captures the flavor of the old city and caters to the requirement of all sorts of Gold lovers and buyers, be it modern or conservative. There are plenty of shops selling gold over here offering amazing varieties of rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets at very reasonable prices. According to the Dubai City Guide, �approximately 25 tonnes of gold is displayed in the windows of its 600 plus gold shops, at any given time�.
Spice Souk- The tourists thronging Dubai, must relish the experience of a walk in the Spice Souk. The aroma of different spices, including cinamon, ginger, yellow saffron and cloves would entice anyone to buy some spices from this souk. Some of the other items on display over here include special herbs and perfumed oils which offer medicational benefits.

International Shopping Attractions

Dubai offers plenty of options to its international shoppers. Shopping in Dubai has become a relaxing affair because of the many international brands available under the roof of its malls. International brands like Rolex, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabanna are all available in Dubai. One of the prime attractions in Dubai and another shopping avenue is the annual event of the 'Dubai Shopping Festival'.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival'The Dubai Shopping Festival' is a much anticipated event from all around the world and surely one experience that leaves every shopper spellbound. The officially pitched slogan that captures the essence of Dubai Shopping Festival is �One Family, One World, One Festival�.

Visitors from all over the world throng to the Dubai Shopping Festival to quench their lifetime shopping lust. Some of the main highlights of the Dubai Shopping festival are a splendid display of fireworks, entertainment for one and all including events like dance and music shows, and selling of a variety of products like Electronics, Jewellery, Consumer Durables, Apparels, etc. The tempting promotional offers and lucrative discounts has also been some of the reasons for this festival to be the most anticipated events of the year in Dubai and around the world. Lucky Draws, Scratch & Win offers, Raffles and the other shopping incentives have become an integral part of the Dubai Shopping Festival experience attracting all kinds of shoppers to its periphery.

The promoters of this festival have ensured a newer and better experience each year. Innovation is the buzzword in planning of this festival with new and new ideas coming out every year to ensure the richness of this great event stays with the shoppers throughout their life.

Shopping Experience in Luxurious Malls

Shopping in Dubai has also been made easy through the ever-increasing number of malls which have come up on the soil of Dubai. Some of the prominent malls in Dubai which cater to the shopping experience of its visitors include- The City Centre, Lamcy Plaza, Wafi Mall, Mercato Mall and the BurJuman Centre which is counted amongst the best malls of Dubai. The shoppers go through an experience of their lifetime while visiting the Dubai malls. These malls house some of the best known international brands and sell products ranging from apparels, electronic gadgets, jewellery and consumer durables. The shopping experience through these malls is unique primarily because of the other factors besides shopping like entertainment zones, cinema complexes, free valet parkings, food-joints and close-proximity of all the shops under one roof. All these pull factors have contributed immensely towards the growing shopping trend seen largely since the advent of these malls.
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