Dubai travel guide tells about all the travel related information and queries of a visitors while traveling in Dubai. Get all the travel related information on Dubai, know more about Dubai city, about travel formalities and all the information required to make a tour to Dubai.
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Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is one of the seven states which make up the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has a long-standing trading tradition that has brought visitors from throughout the Middle East and neighboring regions. Today, Dubai plays host to an increasing number of visitors from the West and the Far East. The city attracts travelers offering international facilities combined with the adventure of the Middle East, and exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. This page of Dubai Facts Sheet covers information about geography, economy, government, education, population, useful website links and lots of other interesting details.

International Travel Tours has dedicated this section of Dubai Fact Sheet for making the online users information rich about important facts and figures of Dubai. This page called Dubai Facts Sheet covers information about geography, economy, government, education, population, useful wesite links and lots of other interesting details.

Dubai Fact File

Country : United Arab Emirates
Emirate : Dubai
Date of Incorporation as Emirate : 2 December 1971
Founder : Maktoum bin Bati bin Suhail
Year of Foundation : 1833
Government Type : Constitutional monarchy
Emir : Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Crown Prince : Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Geography: Highlighted by sandy desert the Dubai city is the second largest Emirate of UAE. Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is surrounded by Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. Dubai covers an area of of 4,114 km� (1,588 mi�).

Climate : Being covered with desert area, Dubai has a sub-tropical, rough-hot climate. The hot-humid weather of Dubai makes the rainfall infrequent. The recorded high temperature remains above 40 degrees for many months.

Population : Current population of Dubai is 16,79,272 (16.7 million).

Time Zone : The time zone of Dubai is referred as UAE Standard time which is 04 hours ahead of Geenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Nationalities : The total population of Dubai comprises of Indians (51%), Pakistanis (15%), Bangladeshis (10%), Arab (11%) and others (10%).

Religion : According to the Article 7 of the UAE's Provisional Constitution Islam is the official state religion. Dubai also made up of various non-islamic religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism.

Language (s) : Arabic is the official language of Dubai and English is widely spoken and used but other languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, Persian,Tamil, Telugu, Bengali are also spoken.

Currency : Emirati Dirham (AED)
Internet Country Code : .ae
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