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Indian Ayurveda
A Gateway to Indian Medical Heritage
Ayurveda in Sanskrit means "the system of knowledge of Life". It is an ancient, reliable system of treatment embedded on medicines prepared from herbal plants that are found in abundance in India. According to the ancient Ayurvedic scholar Charaka, "ayu" is comprised of 4 essential parts, the combination of mind, body, senses and the soul.

From over 5000 years the Ayurveda has been versed and realized in India. Ayurveda signifies health as a perfect harmony between an individual and its surroundings and a complete system that considers more vital aspects like eating habits, exercise, emotions, spirituality and even sexual activities. Ayurvedic a medicine contains essentially plant treatments such as licorice, ginger, garlic and aloe, and also embody products like honey, milk, butter and minerals given in very small doses. On the mountain regions and the interiors of the subcontinent that are rich in herbal plants the native procurement have been adopted for the treatment of illness by adopting various methods and applying the diversified spices, herbs and minerals available

The Science of Life
Ayurveda was initially recognized by the rich philosophic that refined India's primary systems of transcendental meditation and Yoga. The application of Ayurveda comprises of such appearances as herbal medicine, working of body, psychology and spirituality. Ayurveda is also related to medical sciences besides the convivial, moral, cerebral and spiritual spirit of human being.
Ayurveda is a system that favors panacea by its power, to harmonize the perfect synchronization betwixt the living being and his life.

Ayurveda holds the panacea to their diseases
The body of a human being is composed of 5 mahabhutas, symbolizing in the form of doshas, dhatus and malas. Usually in the human body the combination of these 5 substances prevail in specific quantities, however due to the chemical reaction inside the human body, this ratio of 5 mahabhutas gets disordered. The body has an ingenuous proclivity to sustain balance by repudiating some of the elements that are in surplus and acquire some that are in reserve. This deficiency of mahabhutas is replenished through the components of natural herbs and food, liquid in take.

Through Ayurvedic publication, pedagogue, and classes, individual physical nature can be determined and accordingly knowledge is gained for the purpose of self-diagnose.

Ayurvedaic Paradise
The dense forest of the Malabar hills is a granary of a myriad of medicinal herbs that facilitated the successful revival of Ayurveda in India by Kottackal Ayurvaidya Sala at Mallapuram. It is one of the initiatory institutions of Ayurveda , the temperate climate, natural copiousness of green forests with a treasure of herbs and curative plants, and the pleasant cool weather stock an absolute atmosphere for the practice of several remedial treatment deep-seated in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic colleges, Hospitals, Health farms and Resorts and Nature cure Federations provide Ayurvedic treatments and recreational holidays all over India.

The Shayadri Ayurvedic center is a well-established Ayurvedic Hospital managed by the Peermedu Development Society in Pallikunnu. The hosptal garden, spread over 35 acres of land, has more than 400 herbs used for medicines. One could sense how Mother Nature has blessed human race with such generosity.

Prime Treatment in Ayurveda
Some of the prime body treatments and body cares in Ayurveda are:
Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Dhara, Sirovasthi , Udvarthanam and many other Ayurveda treatement Kerela offers.