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Khajuraho Sculptures

A Khajuraho Temple
Location: Madhya Pradesh India
Famous As: Medieval Temples Of India portraying the erotic Khajuraho sculptures.
Built by: Chandela Rulers, 950- 1050 AD
Group of Temples: 3 groups, Western, Eastern and Southern
Rainfall: 114 cm. (July-September)
Temperature: summer: Max 47 Min 21, winter: Max 32 Min 4
Ideal Time to Visit: October to March

Khajuraho Sculpture - An Over View Of Erotic Sculptures Of India
Amidst extensive green lawns are the gothic temples, gleaming with sandstone and festooned with the exotic curves of sculpture unique in their pulchritude. The serene towns of Khajuraho boast the foremost medieval temples of India, quite famous all over the world for their erotic poses.

The creator's aesthetic instincts have ravishingly apprehended diverse aspects and moods of divine life in form of Khajuraho sculptures.
These imposing Khajuraho Sculptures pantomime the romantic carvings are listed as a World Heritage Sight and are a center of inducement for the tourist thronging the place through out the year. The best time to make a visit to Khajuraho temples, the man made wonder is from October to March. Summers are hot but winters make a trip quite pleasant giving out of this world experience.

Khajuraho Sculptures - Historic Perspective
Khajuraho, once the capital of Chandela dynasty, is a small town in the interior of central India, in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. These graceful temples were constructed by the Chandela rulers in the Indo-Aryan style a unique architectural grandeur. These marvels of splendor were almost forfeited in the pages of age, until they were retrieved in 1838. Out of the 85 temples built originally, only 22 survive today.

Perfect in execution and sublime in expressions with these Khajuraho temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and the Jain Tirthankaras.
Legend has it that there was a devout aspiration behind the creation of these 'magnum opus', section of Hindu believed that, meditating physical pleasure is also one of the paths to reach God, to attain wisdom and knowledge which is appreciable in the Khajuraho sculptures.

Khajuraho Temples of India
The Khajuraho Temples are widely categorized into 3 groups, Western, Eastern and Southern.

Western Group of Temples
Western Group of the Khajuraho temples are destined as a World Heritage site, manifest the most passionate, temples of Khajuraho. The Jagadambi temple, the eternal Kandariya Mahadeva and the Chitragupta temples are the foremost specimen of the most extrinsic sculptures of India.

The Lakshmana temple is a beginning point for hunting the treasures of rich Khajuraho legacy. The temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu was constructed in A.D 954 by Yasovarman. Towering 25m in height and 30m in length the temple is prestigious for its romantic sculptures, and imposing images, dramatizing the day to day activities, dancing and playing music. Biggest attraction is the sculpture of a yogi in the posture of shirshasan and the passionate indulgence of couples. Other important Khajuraho temples are-Devi Jagdamba Temple, Vishwanath Temple and Parvati Temple.

A Khajuraho TempleThe Eastern Group of Temples
The temples includes famous temples like Brahma, Vamana and Javari located near the Khajuraho Sagar and many Jain pilgrims like the Ghantai, Adinath and Parsvanath situated in south.

The Southern Group of Khajuraho Temples
The temples included in this group are the famous Duladeo and the Chaturbhuja temples. The Duladeo Temple was built in 1100-1150A.D is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at a distance of a kilometer south of the Khajuraho town. The Chaturbhuja Temple- 3km from the town is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Erection of Amorous Khajuraho Temples
The pristine temple complex of Khajuraho temples were created in coarse granite. The constructions of these magnificent temples were continued till 12th century. The most prestigious, the World Heritage monuments known as the Western Group of temples are built in fine-grained color, pink and pale yellow sandstone. The temples belong to different religious sects like Shaiva, Vaishnava and Jain mark the peak of the Nagara style of temple architecture.

Khajuraho Sculptures- The Erotic Destination
The Khajuraho sculptures manifest the images of 'Parivara', 'Parsva', 'Avarana' 'Devatas', 'Dikpalas', the 'Apsaras' and 'Sura-Sundaris' that procure the universal esteem for their romantic charm.
They epitomize the blazing motif of Hinduism. These illustrious sculptures includes the images of gods and goddesses, angelic dancers besides those of couples in romantic postures, solemnizing the Hindu philosophy of Yoga and Bhoga, the two paths leading to ultimate salvation.

Khajuraho Temple Excursions - Khajuraho Temple Tours
Dhubela Museum: 64 km. the museum houses a wide variety of Shakti Cult Sculpture. It also contains garments, weapons and paintings.
Timings: 1000 -1700 hrs. Closed on Mondays and Gazette holidays.

Archaeological Museum near Khajuraho Temples: Khajuraho is also notable for its archaeological Museum that treasures the accumulation of unique magnum opus, images, sculptures and architectural objects. Timings: 1000-1700 hrs. Closed on Fridays

Other important excursions from Khajuraho Sculptures- are Panna Diamond Mine- 56 km,Panna National Park- 60 km, Raigarh Palace- 25 km, Ajaygarh Fort- 80 km and Kalingar Fort- 125 km, Delhi-590 km, Agra- 395 km, Varanasi- 415 km.

Khajuraho SculptureDance Festival at Khajuraho Temples
The famous Dance Festival of Khajuraho temples is celebrated in the month of March and it comprises of traditional folkdance and music and is renowned over a period of 7 days. The enchanting tunes of music bring sculptures of the temples to life.

Getting Around Khajuraho Sculptures
Air: Indian Airlines services connect Khajuraho temples with Delhi and other parts of the country.

Rail: 110km, Harpalpur is the nearest railhead to visit Khajuraho temples. Jhansi-175km and Satna- 117km are other important rail junction for visiting Khajuraho temple from all metropolitan cities of India.

Road: Khajuraho temple is connected with major tourist centers by good network of roads.. Distances from Khajuraho are- Agra 395 km, Allahabad 285 km, Delhi 590 km, Lucknow 267 km and Varanasi 415 km.
Direct bus services connect Khajuraho with Panna, Satna, Jhansi, Harpalpur, Bhopal, Indore and Agra.

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