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Taj Mahal Agra

Taj Mahal Agra

Location: north India in Agra
Famous As: 7th wonder of the world.
Built By: Mughal Emperor Shahjahan
Distance from Delhi: 204 km by road.
Temperature: Summer- Max.45, Min.21.9, Winter- Max.31.7, Min.4.2
Rainfall: 66 cm (June to September)
Ideal Time to Visit: October to March
Language: Urdu, Hindi and English
Tourist Timings: 6:00am- 7:30pm everyday, except on Fridays. Closed on Monday
Entry Fee: For Foreigners- US$5+ RS500.00.
For Indians -RS25.00. Free entry on Fridays.

In The Words of Shakespeare
" What is love? 'tis not hereafter, Present mirth present laughter".

Taj Mahal
Legion avows that the Taj Mahal is the most exquisite marvel of splendor in the whole world. Blossoming like a beautiful rose and ivory reverie on the banks of the River Yamuna, the Taj is a most prestigious monument galvanized by love. It was built for the Mughal emperor who plights to create an unrivaled commemorative to his wife. The main structure of Taj Mahal with its superb minaret and cupola is made of white marble and perched on a red sandstone barricade surrounded by speculative pools and gardens.

Taj, A Majestic Creation
A Mughal Emperior Shah Jhan contrived the Taj a paragon of devotion and glory. This was his eternal passion and love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal that farfetched him to structure this requiem after her death. The queen died in 1631 while giving birth to her 14th child requesting her beloved husband to construct a unique tomb in her remembrance. The mortal remains of the queen and the king lies in peace down the majestic dome.
The symbol of immortality of Saracenian architecture, the Taj makes India the most charming tourist destination in the world. No other monument in India has much the esteem of the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal in IndiaRaising of the Heavenly Beauty the Taj
Built in 1634, the construction of Taj Mahal took 22 years by engaging around 20,000 skilled craftsmen. Mughal art and architecture epitomizes Taj in its most virgin form. The Taj Mahal is crowned in an encased garden in the heart of fountains and embellishing rows of trees. The bastion manifold is consisting of 2 mosques and an elegant gateway. Amidst extensive green lawns, fountains and embellished trees lies this magnificent tomb. The main archways lead to two mosques and the Divine Beauty the Taj. 4 auxiliary doomed chambers the middle dome, it is erected up to a height of 213 feet. The unimpaired monolith 'The Taj' chiseled out with exquisite sculptures is bedecked with scrolled design of flowers and script utilizing precious gems such as agate and jasper giving an enchanting allure to its beauty

Architectural Treasure Facts
Taj Mahal architectural splendor is just magnificent, Perfectly symmetrical features reconciling illusionary effects of distance and light appears to soar into the sky. The Taj Mahal is crowned in an encased garden in the heart of fountains and embellishing rows of trees. To enter the mausoleum, one had to put a cloth around his feet like for any temple in India. The facility can be availed by paying small fee just before the stairs leading to the tomb. Inside the complex it is dark, on closer look one can see all the fine marble carvings decorated with many precious and semiprecious stones like sapphire, topaz, coral, garnets.

The walls of the bastion manifold a mosque an architectural splendor called a Masjid Mosque and its replica on the other side called as the Mehmankhana (Guesthouse). The beautiful gardens are divided in to quadral shape maintaining its symmetric pattern known as Charbagh and an elegant gateway.
Many efforts were undertaken in construction of Taj. The route of river Yamuna was diverted. Area was cleared, fountains dug, the sediments were filled to stop water seepage. Town springs up to house 2000 laborers, artists and craftsmen.
Marble dug from Makrana hills in Rajasthan. Red sandstone found in local quarries. 43 different types of gems brought from far corners of Mughal Empire- like Nephrite jade, amber was brought from Central Asia and Burma.
Approximately 1000 elephants used to transport marble up a 16km road- ramp of earth.

Elaborate post and beam pulley system hoists marble blocks into place.

The raised platform on which the Taj rests is 6.6m high.
The central dome is raised up to 24.5m high and its adjoining minarets 41.1m high.
The main structure of Taj is almost 62m on each side.

Taj Mahal TravelRevealing the Divine Beauty in its resplendent colors
The true colors of the Taj unfold under the night sky, when the silvery beams of moonlight fall on the white marble of the dome. However, the radiance of the sun at dawn and the crimson glow of sunset also illume the luster of this splendid monument. On a misty morning if one views the Taj across the river Yamuna it seems as if sparkling silver stone is swaying in the fresh air. Taj procures different shades at different time of the day, It is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden under moonlight. This change in colors is believed to depict the moods of a woman. Truly, the Taj is not simply a monument created in honor of a beloved queen, but a spectacular favor for the entire human culture. It was a souvenir of the love and devotion of a king for his queen that inspired such an obelisk which radiate his love across the vista.

The tourist are captivated at every charm of the Taj. It is also a perfect creation of fantasy and a leisured location for lovers who baptized in blooming romance. The majestic beauty of the Taj will crown your secret perceiving with enchanting distinction.

The Taj Mahotsav A Grand Celebration
Taj Mahotsav is a culturally oscillating scaffold that brings together the finest Indian crafts and cultural subtlety. The festival is held in Shiipgram just a km from Taj. The festival is embellished with cultural folk music, classical dance performances and poetry. Elephant and camel rides are also organized in this fun and food festival.
Organized by: UP Tourism Department.
Duration: the festival is held between 18th and 27th of February for 10days.

Getting Around
Air: Domestic carriers Indian Airlines run daily flights connecting Agra with Delhi, Khajuraho and Varanasi. The airport is at 6 kms from Agra and can be accessed by meter taxis and rickshaws.

Rail: Agra is well connected by excellent train services to Delhi such as the Shatabdi Express (2 hrs), Taj Express (2.5 hrs), Intricate Express (3 hrs) and the royal Palace on Wheel that will take you to a royal ride.

Road: Luxury coach, Deluxe and Semi Deluxe bus services (a/c and non-a/c) are available from Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gwalior, and Jhansi.

Local Transport around the Taj: Auto-rickshaws, horse carts, cycle-rickshaws, and taxis.