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Rain Forest Trips : World's Oldest Rainforests

World's Oldest Rainforests
Compared to the rest of the world's rain forests, Malaysia's is a grandmother. During the Ice Ages, much of the Earth was covered by immense glaciers that kept the global climate cool. Covered with a variety of forests, Malaysia has a fascinating ecosystem of its own, particularly as far as plants and animal life is concerned.

The island of Borneo has the world's oldest rainforests, with over 8,000 species of flowering plants, including some 2,000 species of trees, 200 odd palms and more than 800 varieties of orchids - a horticulturists dream come true. Among the other well-known flowers are the hibiscus (Malaysia's national flower), and the evil-smelling Rafflesia, measuring up to a metre across, weighing up to 9 kg, and smelling like rotting meat - a vulture's dream come true. Thankfully, it blooms only once in a while.

Obviously, such thick forests are also inhabited by a regular army of creatures, around 200 species of mammals (including elephants, leopards, tigers, monkeys, wild cattle, and the famous 'forest men' - orangutans) and 450 species of birds. In addition, there are around 100 species of butterflies and a staggering 1,50,000 species of insects. Not a place for anyone who's squeamish about creepy-crawlies!

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