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About Poland

Poland: A happening country to be explored
About PolandYour experience in Poland would be unforgettable. We can bet. Whether a natural lover, connoisseur of art and culture, sports lover, history digger; Poland disappoints no one. What can you say about Poland. It is an amazing country with beautiful lakes, elegant mountains, historic monuments, water parks and amazing seashores that enchants every traveler with its charm. Traveling in Poland will take your spirits high. There are several UNESCO world heritage sights, some selected pearls from the world of Poland. Experiences of seasoned tourists are not complete without tour of Poland.

Learn all about Poland including Polish facts, history, geography, map and public holidays. All this information would come handy when you decide to go on the tour of Poland. Know more and more about Poland when you intend to visit. Also learn all about Polish people you would like to know.


All About Poland
Learn all about various facts about Polandand get all the necessary information about Poland with us. Also get to know about Poland facts like the country's official name, location, capital, area, population, density, currency, language, religion, tourist destinations, country calling code and internet country code.


About Polish People
Here is the story of Poland. We tell you about pre-historic Poland, First Polish State, Jagiellon Era, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Decline & Partition, Aftermath of Partitions, Second Republic, World War II and Poland, People's Republic of Poland and Republic of Poland.


About Poland
Poland has a continuous plain reaching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Carpathian Mountains in the south. The Baltic coast has no good harbours with the of Gdansk-Gdynia region. The north-eastern region, also called Lake District, is scarcely populated.


All About Poland
Poland has fairly long Baltic coast line. This central European country shares its borders with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic. The country is divided into 16 major provinces for administrative purpose.


About Poland PeopleHolidays in Poland are based on the the Polish calendar. National Holidays include the Independence Day which falls on November 11. All other public holidays are on religious and traditional festivals. Christmas and Easter are the major festivals celebrated all over Poland. Collect here complete and updated information about holidays in Poland so that you are better equipped to enjoy your trip.

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