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Polish Beer

Poland is a country with a long Baltic coast line. The central European country shares its borders with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic. This country has always been an important destination among the Poles. If we talk in general there are an approx 70 breweries in the country named mostly after the place or city where they were started. With the changing times these breweries also grew and established their name on the world domain. And the prominent among the Polish beer are Okocim, Warka, Zywiec. These 3 Polish beer companies hold an important place in the European beer market. Although it can also be said that Polish beer has mixed elements on British, German and Czech traditions, with its own uniqueness. Even today the Polish beer breweries are flourishing very well. In the recent times with the increasing tourist business in the country, Polish beer has become more popular. So you also come to this beautiful country and have a taste of the famous Polish beer.