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The Cracow and Czestochowa Jura

The Cracow-Cz stochowa Jurassic Upland consists of a rich ecosystem due to the unique climate and whole upland is surrounded by virgin forest. This place is abundant with great forests and its paths are ideal for horse excursions. Feel the virgin smell of nature forest, arrayed with fruits, greenery and aroma of fresh resin and flowers that is enough to make its visitors spell bound. The place also famous for horse riding, numerous trails covered with sand will encourage horses and equestrians to infinite gallops. Nature lovers will have a chance to admire majestic fields of grain while having a adventure trial. If you are lucky enough, you will spot here the camouflaged inhabitants of this land.

The best to watch, the Krakow-Cz stochowa includes 4600 species of insects, including 1700 of beetles and 1075 of butterflies and 135 of birds. Mammals include the beaver, badger, ermine and 15 species of bats, many of which hibernate in the park's caves during the winter.

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