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Poland Culture

Prismatic culture standing tall proudly
Culture of PolandPoland is a land of tradition serving as a bridge between east and west. Polish towns are completely overwhelmed by European style. The panorama of Poland culture has been adorned with rich heritage of art, music, dance and literature. Culture of Poland is versatile in all aspects, adorned with multicolors. Poland cuisine and social customs are also a mixed bag of cultural influences of east and west. Many of the Polish historical monuments inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage sites, tell the story of rich cultural heritage of Poland.

A wide spectrum of cultural experience is offered to you while your visit to Poland. Rocking music festivals, variety of luscious cuisine, eye catching amber crystals are ready to keep you amused during your trip to Poland. Welcome to the cultural land of Poland, a land of magical monuments, myths, romantic cities and many more. Culture tourism is a popular theme among the tourists who come to Poland.

Music and Dance

Poland Culture
Poland cultural heritage is a medley of dance and music with versatility. Traditional music and dance of Poles are famous worldwide for their vibration and multi colored forms. Beats of Chopin, rock, metal, jazz will bound you to rock and the national dances of Poland.


Poland Culture Tourism
Thanks to the eventful and rich history of Poland, Polish literature has much to offer to the world. Polish poetry, literature, translations are known worldwide for their exclusive variety. Polish literature is like the soul of the countries historical and cultural life.


Culture of Poland
Poland is a country with rich cultural heritage. Glimpses of Poland culture can be seen in the festivals celebrated in Poland. Christmas is the major festival here. New year eve, Fat Thursday, Easter, Summer Krakow, Poland Folk festival are some more famous ones.


Poland Culture
Polish food is famous world wide for its hearty melange of taste and unique way of presentation. Forget of your calorie calculation when your dining with Polish cuisine. Meals are heavy in Poland and lot of meat is there in the recipes.


Poland Culture Tourism
Poland is a country of rich architectural heritage. Malbork Castle, Royal castle in Warsaw, Wawel Castle are some outstanding example of Poland architecture. Poland architecture has a glimpse of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architectural styles.

Polish Art

Poland Culture
Polish art is famous worldwide for its matchless medley of metaphysical searching and historical events. Polish painting and sculpture have made an identity for themselves since a long period. Museums and art galleries in Poland are real source to discover Polish art.

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