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Lake Tourism in Poland

Lake Tourism in PolandLakes and forests are abundant in Poland. Approximate ten thousand lakes dot the land of Poland. Most lakes in the country are located in two areas: Mazury, in north-east part of the country and Lubuskie, in western region. Undulating landscape with picturesque scenic view have been shaped by nature in long course of time. Groups of impressive lakes are also found in Eastern Poland and western part of Lublin region. Mountain lakes are most scenic among Polish lakes. For all these reasons lake tourism in Poland has gained plenty of popularity.

Several lake regions are very popular among the tourists. Many of these lakes, like Czarna Hancza lie in deep valleys while several are doltted over flat, swampy lowlands. Many lakes have crystal clear water, perfectly reflecting the picturesque landscape girdling them. Scores of these lakes lie hidden in deep forests. Nice, sandy beaches have developed on the shores of these beaches. Water sports enthusiasts, naturalists, avian watchers and anglers can have plenty of fun in these lakes. In peak winter, those who enjoy ice-boating and skating find these lakes covered with long stretches of smooth ice. Hundreds of lakes are interconnected by streams meaning that a person can travel hundreds of miles in water. These rivers pass through pine and spruce forests, giving one the impression of wonderland. Poland river systems are very closely associated with one another.

Apart from these lakes, Polish rivers are also the source of fun for the lovers of water sports and anglers. Vistula is the biggest river in Poland. Smaller, wild streams like Drawa, Czarna Hancza, Krutynia or Drweca are also popular. Kayaking is the most popular sport played in these rivers. Thousands of tourists visit Poland every year to enjoy lake tourism.


Poland Lake Tourism
Lubuskie region has plenty of lakes, where one can spend time in activities like sunbathing, fishing, swiming, canoeing, kayaking, diving, or sailing. Lubuskie has many good hotels, guest houses, and campsites.

Mazury (Masuria)

Poland River Systems
Mazury is called the land of a thousand lakes. from Pomerania on the Oder River to the Vistula River, this unbreaking stretch of lakes is popular among tourists. These lakes were formed during the Pleistocene ice age.


Lake Tourism in Poland
This is tailor-made for loners and nature lovers who want to keep away from popular resorts with their crowded beaches and noisy discos. Enjoy these clean lakes and rivers with their good fishing grounds, or in surrounding forests.

Polish Amazonia

Poland Lake Tourism
Polish Amazonia is made of two river estuaries, the Narew and the Biebrza. The area is hugely popular among the bird-watchers. Huge stretch of land here has been turned into a national park giving home to so many species.

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