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Poznan Travel

Poznan Travel
"Historical city of Poland thriving with stirring nights"
This is Poznan, the capital and largest city of Wielkopolska province, Poland. Poznan travel is exciting enough to cherish you and your family. For party animals and socialists Poznan nights are source of unlimited fun. Today Poznan stands not only as one of the vibrant cities in Poland but also a major historical and cultural center of Europe. Poznan lies on the banks of Warta River in West-Central Poland.

The diverse and vibrant town of Poznan has something to offer to everyone. There are lot of opportunities for visiting zoological gardens, botanical gardens, arboretum, numerous parks and natural reserves. Museums in Poznan range from art, applied arts, musical instruments to war memorabilia and ethnography. Poznan is also admired as one of the major cultural and literary center of Poland. Poznan tourist attractions boast of its several institutions of higher education, scientific organizations, opera and dance centers, and number of theaters. Poznan's natural attractions and historical are capable enough to pamper the travellers.

Fact Sheet
Official Name Poznan
Province Wielkopolska
Population 578 900 (2002)
Density 2215/km²
Most Popular Sights Old Town Hall, Malta Lake, Green House, the Museums
Area Calling Code +48 61

Tourist Attractions
Poznan is like a surprise gift for the visitors who are on their visit to Poland. Raczynski Library, Market Square, Museum of Musical Instruments, National Museum and Zoological Garden are key attractions of the city.

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall is the most charming tourist attraction all over Poznan. First Town Hall was built in 13th century. After Renaissance the building was restructured by Italian architect J.B. Quadro. Center attraction of Old Town Hall are the billy-goats horning each other.. Other main attractions of the town hall are the ornated Great Entrance Hall and the Great Vastibule. The building houses the Historical Museum of Poznan, one of the prime tourist attraction of the city. The museum offers a wide range of historical monuments of Poznan from the 10th century.

Malta Lake
Malta Lake, one of the exciting tourist place of Poznan brimming with the romanticism of skiing, riding a bike, riding a tobogan, playing golf, sunbathing and many more. Malta lake is an artificial lake created in 1952. the lake is known for its regatta course, sports and the recreational complex. The lake presents one of the best adventure spot with an artificial ski slope, artificial ice rink, zoological garden, a narrow gauge railway, the mound of freedom. The lake is also hosts some of the best most prestigious canoeing and rowing events, such as the Canoeing European Championships in 2001 and the Canoeing World Cup in 2002. Malta Lake is a fantastic destination for a family day out.

Stary Rynek
This is the center of old Pozna , and has been superbly rebuilt after almost complete destruction in World War 2. Cafes and bars line the square and it is a superb spot for ordering a drink and watching the world go by.

Travel to PoznanGreen House
Green house in Poznan presents an enormous view with over 17,000 plants, aquaria and other natural attractions. Green house is located in the Wilson Park. It is honored as one of the biggest greenhouse in Europe. Green House was first built in 1910 and again reconstructed many times. It was named locally as 'palmiarnia'. The local name of this place is "palmiarnia" which means a "palm house". The aquaria for fish is something one should never miss when in the Green House.

Ostrow Tumski
According to legends Ostrow Tumski is famous as the spot on which Poznan was founded and it is the oldest part of the city. In 966 or 967 the first bishopric in Poland was established here. It is also important historically as the spot where Poland adopted Catholic baptism in 968AD. Some worth seeing spots here are Psalteria, Church of Our Lady, and the Archdiocesan Museum.

The citadel was formerly a fortress and now has developed as a park. Today it is considered to be one of the biggest parks in Poland. It is located in about 93 hectare hill area where until 1945 a military fort Winiary was located. It was one of the many forts which created fortified ring together. There is a 16 meter high amphitheater. Several open air sculptures are also there in the Citadel. On the southern slopes there are cemeteries dedicated to the military martyrs, some of whom are British and Soviets.

Poznan International Fair
Largest 21st fair in the world and one of the oldest fair in Poland, Poznan International Fair was started in 1921. More than 25 fairs and exhibitions are organized annually in the complex. Visitors visiting Poznan for business purpose are always eager to go to Poznan International Fair.

Churches In Poznan
Parish Church
Parish Church is also known as St. Staislaw Church. Parish church is a pearl of Poznan architecture. The Church is known for its front portal and the impressive facade. It was built in 1649, originally as Jeseus Monastery. Its baroque building with magnificent architecture owes to Italian architecture. Pompeo Frerrai, in 1727 created the front arcade and portal. It stands as one of the most impressive buildings in Poznan.

Corpus Christi Church
Founded by King Wladyslaw Jagiello in 1406, construction was completed in 1470. The church displays some of the best architecture from the ancient Poland.

Museums in Poznan
Poznan Tourist AttractionsNational Museum
Built in 1904 National Museum is one of the leading museums in Poland. It has a noticeable collection of Italian, Spanish and Polish pieces of art. The museum is worth a visit to give some names and faces to the past and its myths and legends. Polish art blended with European Gothic style is the special feature of the museum.There are rooms with a huge array of display of Netherlandic, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, and German works and Poland's only collection of Spanish paintings.

Musical Instruments Museum
This is the one and only museum of its kind in Poland. It displays almost all the Polish musical instruments like music boxes, barrel organs, juke boxes, player pianos and gramophones. A collection of pianos tells about the development in the instrument since 1750 to the 20th century. There are individual collections of professional and personal musical instruments from Africa, Australia, Asia, America and all over Europe. It also presents an extensive collection of Chopin memorabilia. The Museum is located in the Old Square Market of Poznan. It is a home for artistic and folk instruments from the whole world

Poznan Army Museum
Poznan Army Museum displays weapons, armours and ornaments from the 10th to the 20th centuries. It offers a wide range of three permanent exhibitions including military documents and photographs. It features variety of planes, tanks and other real machines. Variety of military hardwares includes T 34 tank, Katyusha rocket launchers, Studebaker truck are preserved here. History of Poznan army has also been covered here.

Motoring Museum
Motoring Museum in Poznan displays vintage cars and other notable vehicles. There is a wide display of 30 vintage cars and motorbikes. Some of them are classic collections from the history including an American Reo from 1909, an Overland from 1923 and a 1928 Harley Davidson. Located in 600 sq meter space the museum provides an opportunity for the visitors to get familiar with automobiles of the historical era.

Applied Arts Museum
Housed in what was formerly the Royal Castle of Poznan the route consists of three floors, the cellars being dedicated to temporary exhibits. Permanent exhibits include craft work dating to medieval times, as well as clothing, furniture, glass and clocks, with an emphasis on decorations formerly housed in castles, palaces and other moneybag domains. While most hail from European shores, a few of the displays are as from as far as Japan. Of note are a lion-shaped vessel to wash princely hands that dates from 18th century Saxony, as well as glass decanter produced in 1813 picturing a pre-Bomber Harris Dresden.

Archaeological Museum
If you are interested in the life of your ancestors and want to understand the developmental stages of their life come to the archeological museum of Poznan. The museum has a large array of 42, 000 rare and mystifying objects related to the life of ancient Egyptians and prehistoric Poland. Its permanent collection depicts the prehistory of Wielkopolska, Life and Death in Ancient Egypt and The Archeology of Sudan. All the three sections are different from one another The prehistory of Wielkopolska and Archeology of Sudan depict the archeological finds concerned to the ancient history of Western Poland. The life and death in Ancient Egypt illustrates payrus and hieroglyphic writing.

Historical Museum
The Gothic cellars of the historical museum depicts the history of Poland. The Renaissance Hall, Royal Hall and Court Hall on the first floor has some valuable collection of artifacts and griffins, lions, and eagles carved on the ceilings. The displays on the second floor depicts the features of the city when it was under Prussian rule. The final part of the museum displays the artifacts related to the 20 th century Poznan. Few posters from the Nazi era are also on display in the museum.

Literary Museum of Henryk Sienkiewicz
The museum was built in the memory of Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel prize winner for literature in 1905. The museum is located in the house of Italian architect Jean Baptist. Henryk Sienkiewicz is one of the most popular novelist of Poland. He is known worldwide for his best work Quo Vadis, an epic on early Christians in the Roman empire. The museum displays all the extensive features of the novelist life including his literary works. Rooms in the museum displays chandeliers, portraits and period furniture, his writing desk and pictures of the author.

Poznan TravelParks and Zoos
Poznan is an ultimate tourist spot for natural lovers. There are two zoological gardens in the city, with an arboretum, a palm house and numerous parks and natural reserves. Poznan is called the green land of Poland as the city flourishes with lush green forests and plants, which make the city quite green. City woods are covering total area of 2.5 hectares. Numerous lakes, palm houses, hills and wildlife make the city a paradise for nature lovers. You can discover a paradise in the lap of nature apart from the hustle and bustle of the cities. If you are in the city, you can explore real enclaves of greenery with wonderful, often unique specimens of trees and shrubs. Renovation and conservation work is done all the time in order to restore the urban green spaces to their former glory, or to preserve it.

National Park of Wielkopolska is one of the most attractive natural sites of Poznan. Located 15 km south of Poznan, it was created in 1957. Various forms of post glacial landscape, natural plant communities and animals can be seen here in the most immaculate form as they are protected. Two monument trees and one erratic boulder are also here. Visitors are attracted not only to the natural beauty of the park but also to the cultural monuments of the park. Museum of nature is the topmost of them. Many lakes and churches like wooden church in Lodz from Puszczykowo, St szew and Wiry are the key attractions.

How to Reach Poznan
By Air
Poznan has international flights for Frankfurt (LOT, Lufthansa), Copenhagen (SAS), Munich (Lufthansa), London Stansted (Ryanair), London Luton (Wizzair), Vienna (Austrian), Hannover (Dauair), Dortmund (Dauair) and Koln/Bonn (EAE). There are regular domestic flights available for Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. Major airport is Lawica Airport, located 7 km from the city center. Radio taxies are available 24 X 7 near the airport.

By Rail
For budget conscious people and not so comfortable with flights Poznan offers a wide rail network. There are steam trains still running in Poznan. Trains are quite cheaper in comparison to the flights. Reach Warsaw by plane and after that you can easily access trains for anywhere in Poland. Poznan main railway station has a main hall and the West Railway Station. It is the major Poznan railway station located in the city center, just next to the Poznan International Fair venue.

By Road
Poznan has several luxury buses network well connected with Poland cities.

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