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Sopot Travel

Sopot Travel
Sopot is a picturesque town on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is part of the tricity agglomeration of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Renowned for the longest wooden pier in Europe, Sopot is a premier spa and tourist resort destination in Europe. Sopot International Song Festival is one of the largest events in Europe. Enjoy virtual Sopot travel with International Travel Tours.

Sopot Tourist Attractions
Beaches are the topmost tourist attractions in Sopot. Sopot Beach, located on the northern coast of Poland near Gdansk, is known for its milky sands, nearby shops, restaurants, and other cultural happenings. The Baltic does not have warm waters, but can be temperate in the late summer/early fall months. Visit to Sopot Beach can be refreshing experience.

Monte Cassino
Monte Cassino is the main street in Sopot. Any visit to Sopot is not complete without going to Monte Cassino. In this fully pedestrianized thoroughfare, you can find shops, cafes, restaurants and plenty of opportunities for people watching. Most Cassino leads to the long wooden pier.

Sopot's pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe, with the length of 645m. Tourists come here to enjoy for an amble and breathing in som refreshing sea airr. A large open area in Phuket is equipped with fountains, gardens, cafes and souvenir stalls.

A magnificent 20th-century villa has been transformed into a museum. This museum digs the history of the town of Sopot through such exhibits as the "Illustrated Stroll around Ancient Sopot" featuring early guides, folders, maps and old photographs. Tour to museum can be very exciting for the lovers of history.

Historic Places
A cemetary and monument remember Russian soldiers who fought and laid down their lives in World War II. Another one is dedicated to Polish who were massacred during German occupation. Next to the athletic stadium is the monument of Polish athletes who participated in the underground army to fight occupying German forces. One monument is dedicated to Polish sailors who fought against German navy. One monument commemorates final defeat of the German forces in war.

Forest Opera
This matchless forest location near to Nowowiejskie Lake is considered to be the most beautiful musical stage in Europe. It is also one of the best acoustics with enough space for an audience of five thousand. Concerts of Polish and foreign stars are held here as well as the annual Sopot festival.

Bars & Pubs
Plenty of these can be found on the main street in Sopot called Street of The heroes of Monte Cassino. Every place is unique with different menu. People like to take Polish beer (piwo). Common brands of piwo are Zywiec, EB and Hevelius. Some pubs brew and serve their own beer. Darker beers are available, but are consumed comparatively less. Polish beer is pretty strong. It is mostly pure with no chemicals. Imported beers are also available on demand. Beer apart, most popular drink of Poland is Vodka. Most people prefer to drink it neat. Polish vodka has distinctive flavor. Some brands of Polish vodka are specially flavored. Imported drinks are also widely available in pubs, bars and hotels.

Events & Festivals
Calendar in Sopot is full of artistic and cultural events. Sopot Festival is celebrated every year on 22nd and 23rd Augusts. The Song Festival is one of the main attractions of the town. Most popular music event is held in Forest Opera. The beautiful amphitheatre, located among forested hills, makes an ideal location for great acoustics. Exhibitions are often held in the galleries of Sopot. Here people can enjoy paintings, prints, drawings, paintings, photography and all other art works. The town was once cradle of Polish jazz and it is trying to restore the former glory of jazz.

Gdansk Airport is just 20km from Sopot. From here, one can board planes for various destinations in Europe. You can also fly to Warsaw and then take plane to Gdansk. Train from Warsaw to Sopot takes about 4 hours. You can also journey in buses. While travelling in trains or buses, remember to get your tickets punched. The vehicles are frequently checked and unpunched tickets could cause problems for you. You can also take taxi for Sopot. Sopot is located between two ports, Gdansk and Gdynia. These ports provide ferry service to Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Lithuania.

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