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Poland Spas

Poland Spas
Enjoy safe, clear and sparkling water pools and spas to relax you to the heavens. Spas have been traditional loved by the Polish. Poland spas and water centers use geothermal water from spring and wells. As spas are becoming popular day by day all over the world, Poland spas serve tourists for geothermal curative and recreation services also. Baleno therapies and bathing using the natural water is popular treatment in Poland spas.

Location of Spas
Spas are located mainly in South Poland, in Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains and near the Baltic coast. Some of the most popular spas in Poland are Krynica, Zegiestow and Piwniczna. Warsaw is developing as a world famous rehabilitation center. Rabka at the foothills of Gorce, Polanica, Duszniki and Kudowa in Ziemia Klodzka, Cieplice in Kotlina Jeleniogorska, Swieradow in Gory Izerskie and Miedzyzdroje, Kamien Pomorski and Polczyn in Pomorze are popular spas. In the plateau region, Inowroclaw in Kujawy and Ciechocink are the biggest spas of Poland. Healing resort town containing health spas and numerous springs and pools of healing waters: Jan, Jozef, Zdroj Glowny, Tadeusz, Slowianka, Mieczyslaw, and Zuber.

Treatment and Therapies
Poland spas offer world class therapies and treatment to make you comfortable. These spas are based on the natural mineral water deposits and geothermal water springs. Specialist medical consultation, laboratory diagnosis and several other modes of treatment are used in Poland spas. Palintest kits are based on the world famous Palintest system of water testing. Simple to use test equipment, and reagents in stable tablet form, mean rapid reliable results can be obtained by all users - with or without previous experience in water analysis.

Poland spas offers amenities in a different way. Experience of Poland spa is so relaxing and stress buster. Forget about your woes and worries and have the wonderful experience of Poland spas. The use of Baleno therapies and using hot thermal spring water has strong roots in Poland since ancient times. Nature has rewarded springs and rivers in Poland to have relaxing effects. Polish spas not only have therapeutic use but they also cater to those who are seeking for peace and quiet for resting.

Various Spas
The tradition of Polish health spas dates back to the 13th century. There are 36 spas using underground waters for balneology and bathing. Eight of them use 20-62 c geothermal water. Among them, eight spas. Deposits of therapeutic mineral waters and therapeutic mud allow many disorders to be treated in Poland. Cieplice Spa and Ladek Spa are two most popular spas. Cieplice spa is one of the most famous and visited spas in the country. It possesses the warmest curative waters in Poland. Its convenient location makes it more popular. Ladek Spa also attracts numerous visitors.
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