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Poland Weather

Weather in Poland
Cherish with the colorful blooming flowers of Poland springs. As the amazing Poland weather welcomes the guests with its ever-changing moods.
Poland is a land of great fascination that cast its magic on the travelers with its serene and breath-taking natural beauty.

Weather in Poland
The geographical position of Poland give the country a very moderate weather, which has an influence of continental and oceanic climate. It is also said that the weather in Poland is very unpredictable. During summers it can be very hot (although the temperature remain quite normal), while on the other hand the winters are very harsh and extremely cold. The autumn season is very moderate and appropriate for a trip to Poland(but even in April you can expect snowfall).

Poland in Winters
Very harsh and bone chilling. The entire country is enveloped in a thick carpet of snow during winters. Every where you go you will find everything covered in white snow. Not good time for traveling but definitely the best time to indulge in some really adventurous winter sports like skiing, snow biking etc.

Poland in Summers
Scorching sun, sweltering heat, this is what you will have to bear during the summers in Poland. The days are very bright and temperature also rises a lot. Although the temperature remain quite appropriate.

Poland in Spring
Spring and early winter is the most pleasant season to enjoy vacations in Poland. Period during July-October is the best in Poland. Autumn is also quite enjoyable in Poland. The falling leaves make tremendous natural beauty. Summers are four months long and the winter season lasts for three months. Spring lasts for sixty days and is the best season to explore Poland.

As it is said that you can never predict the mood of weather in Poland, so it is very necessary to know about the temperature of the country during different seasons. So here is a list for your convenience:

January -3.3 °C / 26.1 °F
February -2.1 °C / 28.2°F
March 1.9 °C / 35.4 °F
April 7.7 °C / 45.9 °F
May 13.5 °C / 56.3 °F
June 16.7 °C / 62.1 °F
July 18.0 °C / 64.4 °F
August 17.3 °C / 63.1 °F
September 13.1 °C / 55.6 °F
October 8.2 °C / 46.8 °F
November 3.2 °C / 37.8 °F
December -0.9 °C / 30.4 °F

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Poland is early May to September. Scorching sun relaxes and the flowers are at the full blossom in the season. Peak tourist season is between July and August. Winters are bit cold in Poland. But sports enthusiasts can plan their visit in winters. During May- June Poland fields are overwhelmed by the flowers of poppie, lilacs, cornflowers and daisies. Lake tourism can be enjoyed at its best in the period, as the Poland weather is very romantic during this season( a perfect time to enjoy some really precious time with your partner).

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