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Travel New Zealand, a land of celestial beauty and a dream holiday destination known for Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and kiwis world wide.
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Travel New Zealand Cities

Auckland is the main gateway to New Zealand and its largest city with its vibrant waterfront life – not for nothing is it called the ‘City of Sails’ – and its busy Downtown district. Auckland may not be New Zealand’s capital – that distinction going to Wellington – but it is the country’s largest city and its major gateway for most travellers.
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Christchurch - The Garden City, a picturesque mix of the old, the quasi-old and the somewhat new is located on the east coast of the South Island is full of contrasts. Christchurch is a growing cosmopolitan ambiance that adds a touch of excitement without overt flashiness.
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Distinctly Scottish in feel, with stone buildings and Victorian houses, this town of 113,000 lies on the southeast coast of South Island. Dunedin has New Zealand's only castle (Larnach Castle), which overlooks Otago Harbor.
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Queenstown - New Zealand's premier visitor destination, more than just breathtaking scenery and a diverse range of attractions. Queensland voted Friendliest Foreign City in a top US Travel Publication in 1996. Queenstown boasts a range of activities second to none, all within easy reach of the compact town centre.
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Rotorua - one of the most famous destinations in New Zealand, sits on top of the most active thermal spots in the country and has a long history of welcoming visitors. From the moment people arrive in Rotorua they know they're somewhere quite different.
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Wellington (Capital)
Welcome to Wellington - New Zealand's capital city and the country's leading town , trappings of a thriving metropolis - world-class facilities, inspired arts and culture, fine dining and a bejewelled harbour. Wellington also enjoys a well-earned reputation as New Zealand's arts and entertainment capital, home to the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa), the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and The Royal New Zealand Ballet.
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Nelson, a pocket paradise nestled in the top northwest corner of the South Island. The entire area is said to resemble the prow of the waka (canoe) of Maui, an important figure in Maori mythology, and was known by the Maori as Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui (the tip of the nose of the canoe of Maui).
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Hamilton, the country's largest inland city with 130.000 inhabitants, sprawls pleasantly across the Waikato River in the heart of the lush Waikato plains, among the world's richest farmland. The city grew up as a military settlement on the banks of the river, once the district's principal means of access, and a feature of the city today is its restful riverside parks.
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Situated as the capital of the Hawkes Bay region, Napier is renowned for a beautiful coastline, stately Norfolk pines, a multitude of nearby wineries and 1930's art deco architecture. In 1931, a two and a half minute earthquake destroyed the city of Napier which had to be completely rebuilt. A marvellous collection of buildings in the 1930's Art Deco style sprang up, which is celebrated with a special Art Deco weekend every February.
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